Saving lives…

Through the prevention and earlier detection of cancer. 

Our Vision

Early detection saves lives.

We’re building a world where disease is detected and treated at the first cell, often before becoming cancerous.

Equalizing precision medicine.

We’re developing diverse datasets to unlock scientific discoveries to improve diagnostic outcomes for the global community. 

Serving unmet clinical needs.

Millions of high-risk patients aren’t receiving early diagnosis and intervention due to lack of access. Our approach will resolve this.

Disease doesn’t discriminate

Diagnostics shouldn’t either. Capsulomics is bridging the socio-economic gap by developing tests based on diverse global clinical data that can be made more accessible. Simply put: we’re helping a wider range of people beat cancer through earlier detection and prevention.

Our Science

We are developing technologies to inform earlier detection and cancer prevention, leading to life-saving early interventions using proprietary epigenetic biomarker assays, methylation-specific PCR, diverse-population clinical studies, and data science.  Our rigorous approach is built upon 30+ years of research and over $25M in research funding at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Our initial tests focus on the earlier detection and prevention of the fastest growing malignancy in the United States: esophageal cancer.


ENVISAGE is is a test to determine which patients with precancerous Barrett’s esophagus will progress to esophageal cancer in the future, empowering physicians to provide rapid treatment to prevent esophageal cancer.


DETECT, developed in collaboration with sites in the US and Africa, is the only non-invasive early detection test to detect precancerous Barrett’s esophagus, and both primary types of esophageal cancer, for early targeted, often curative intervention.


Capsulomics is the newest molecular diagnostics company to come out of the Johns Hopkins University Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer and is built upon 30+ years of research progress. Our leaders are experts in molecular biomarker assays who have the experience, expertise and drive to rapidly grow value.

<strong>Dan Lunz, MBA</strong>
Dan Lunz, MBA
Co-Founder & CEO
<strong>Stephen Meltzer, MD</strong>
Stephen Meltzer, MD
Co-Founder & CMO
<strong>Bill Stevens</strong>
Bill Stevens
<strong>John E. Niederhuber, MD</strong>
John E. Niederhuber, MD


<strong>Caroline Popper, MD, MPH</strong>
Caroline Popper, MD, MPH
<strong>Otis W Brawley, MD</strong>
Otis W Brawley, MD
<strong>James Stover, PhD</strong>
James Stover, PhD
<strong>Stephen B. Baylin, MD</strong>
Stephen B. Baylin, MD
<strong>George Davis</strong>
George Davis
<strong>Richard Friedberg, MD</strong>
Richard Friedberg, MD

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About Us

We’re building a world where life-saving cancer diagnostics is less invasive and more inclusive by developing affordable and accessible early detection technology that works for everyone, everywhere.

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